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Jackson Engineering UK parts or JEUKPARTS are currently available for approximately 20 different shredder models. This website has a selection of 14 of the most popular brands that are regularly asked for. The parts shown comprise mainly of screens, concaves, counter knives, wear plates, combs, bash plates, cleaning fingers, anvils, cradles and crocodile teeth. The majority of these parts attach to, or form the walls and outlet areas of the rotor chamber. By nature of the pulverising and shearing work being done in the chamber of any given shredder these parts are formed and cut from high abrasion steel HB400-500. Some mild steel is used, but only in areas that are not in direct contact with the shredding process.

Moving parts such as floor bars, scraper bars, flails, tip holders, tops, hammers, swing hammers, and protective mill strips are also shown; a selection of examples, rather then a full catalogue are given.

It should be noted that all high wear surfaces are not only made from 400,450 or 500 HB high abrasion steel but are, when necessary coated with hard facing, and in some critical locations coated with carbide grit weld. Customers obviously can ask for further adaptations to their parts with these coatings when they see the need arising.

The price of any given screen is generally governed by five factors:-

  • The weight and thickness of the steel plate used
  • The grade of the steel used.
  • Additional welded on bars ribs or assemblies.
  • The number of holes that are machined rather than cut.
  • The quantity of cut holes in a screen. A screen with a 1000 holes might take 3 times as long to cut as one with for example 250 holes, even though the screens are the same size.

All prices for Jeukparts to fit Doppstadt machines are listed. Prices for other makes can be obtained from Roy, Ian or Cris or through sales@jeukparts.co.uk


Jackson Engineering also build and assortment of trommel. These trommels are made specifically to fit the holding cradles of Doppstadt, Kiveko, Powerscreen, Komptech and Terex but can be designed will additional features or inferior alterations should the customer request it,.. for enhanced performance. One example of this might be to use high abrasion wear plate through the screening drum instead of mild steel. The obvious advantages of this are; they increase the longevity of the drum not simply for wear resistance but also virtually eliminate indentations by heavy or dense objects The use of high abrasion steel and its inherent stiffness can also mean that thinner plate can be used, thus allowing the customer to have a lighter trommel should this factor be critical. Should it be necessary by redesigning the internal screw customers can achieve the optimum through flow for their operation.

All JEUK Parts are manufactured in house at out Navenby sit. All prices quoted are ex VAT. Jackson eng reserve the right...