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Jackson Engineering undertakes various repair and refurbishment jobs over a variety of different assemblies, parts and pieces of recycling equipment. This can range from large items like trommels which may have been damaged from denting, or have developed a bend, or have panels or sections that are wearing through -  or smaller items such as Doppstadt screens which have had their matrix badly worn or damaged -  but still have a serviceable quick release assembly. Sometimes JEUK repair shredding infeed rollers which have lost, deformed, or have badly worn teeth, (this is particularly relevant for Vermeer shredders).  Jackson Engineering UK also replace floor chains, re-gear  drive shafts ,  do rotor repairs with hook  and blade  replacements and apply hard facing or carbide grit to all surfaces and areas affected by abrasion. Bucket repairs and replacement of various worn sections in and around rotor chambers is another area we are asked to manage. Doppstadt slow speed shredder comb teeth lend themselves to being re-tipped which can save the prudent operator thousands of pounds over a few years of operation.

Doppstadt Gate Refurbs

So long as an old gate/screen has the quick release mounting system in good condition it should nearly always be possible to refurb it. The following set of pictures shows the various stages to a refurbishment.

Cutting up old Trommels
The Fabricator starts by cutting away the ribs to the worn matrix The unwanted matrix is ready for scrapping, however this screen could have had carried on with the help of hard facing if the customer had wanted it

The old ribs have been replaced and the new screen matrix is tacked into place against the original quick release back.

Close up

The finished gate/screen

  Another  damaged screen ready for its second refurb

Repair to a damaged trommel

So long as the customer can find transportation at a competitive price, then fixing a broken trommel  at the Jackson Engineering site is an option the customer should consider. Here is one example of a recent repair and modification we undertook.

The front ring has now been removed, and the matrix edge is accessed for damage, straightened,trued, and prepared for re-welding

The front or infeed section of this trommel drum has become detached  

A new screw is started

  the screw is extended  to suit the customers new requirements
here is an example of a trommel chain fitting. The old one is being stripped out in the first picture’   ‘the second picture shows the new chain fitted over the prepped surface and waiting for the final weld

Examples of Vermeer refurbishment projects

We have been involved with several Vermeer refurb projects in recent years. Replacement of floorchains; repair of drive shafts, repair of infeed roller covers and re-plating around the mill are all areas that frequently need attention.

This floorchain drive shaft has worn its end sprocket teeth down low

The old sprockets have been cut away

The new sprockets are fitted

’the sprockets are welded up.
This procedure saves having to outlay for a new shaft’

The drum in its finished condition

Here we have an example of an infeed roller having been given a new cylinder skin and then refitted with new gripping teeth.

The end plates are re-attached to the new cylinder
and the outer gripping teeth have been fitted.

On this occasion we had an infeed roller cover that had become considerably worn almost to the point of no return.

To the right of the roller cover are the
remaining supporting ribs stripped out.

A new cover has been cut ,rolled , fitted and welded with new internal ribbing and the whole assembly is ready to return to the machine.


Rotor plating on end discs of a Jenz and Doppstadt Machines

It is not uncommon for the discs particularly on the end of Shredder Mills or Rotors to disintegrate if they are not given some wear plate protection. Again this action taken before things have gone too far can save the operator thousands of pounds for the replacement of a complete rotor.

A doppstadt Mill with a new end plate cut ready for attaching

The same Doppstadt Rotor with the plate welded into place

This jenz rotor has received similar treatment as the Doppstadt one.



Hammel rotor repairs and reconditioning

There are many makes of slow speed pre- shredders which use various forms of shredding drum and shredding rotor designs to grind and tear waste into a reduced fraction. This section deals with reconditioning of Hammel shafts although the same process and techniques can be applied to Powershredders 1800 and 2400 and Arjes and also to many single shaft slow speeds.


These 2 photos show the condition a rotor before it starts the process

The blades and hooks are being removed

full swing prepping line’

Blades have been hard faced


Two hammel 750 shafts finnished

Blades cut ready to fit a Hammel 950

Blades and hooks tacked into place

Rotor stood on end and undergoing welding

Working on a 950 rotor



’The Tana Shark rotor chamber with the door and rotor removed


The  damaged rotor  extracted and laid underneath the chamber


The damage Tana rotor close-up.
The holders are beyond repair and are later removed


Rotor stood on its end, after all the old holders have been removed, with a new set of holders being welded on


Initial condition of the Tana door after the counter knives have been removed from the slots


Close up of the wear and damage


The door having been,  disembowelled


The new knife holder under construction with the outer wear plate behind


The door reconstructed and awaiting the insertion of a new set of counter knives

Counter knives being inserted in an earlier job


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