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We have made trommels to fit Doppstadt 518 and 620 ( 720) trommel cradles and Tim trommel s for the TS 2000 and TS 2500 cradles.

It is worth noting that wear plate can be used for trommels as well as mild steel, in fact wear plate is likely to greatly enhance the life of a trommel beyond the extra cost of using wear plate instead of mild steel. Any type of hole is possible with square holes giving the greatest open area but round holes giving the greatest uniformity of particle size. Hole size graduation is also another option for different sections of the trommel in order to allow greater separation of differing particle sizes.’ ‘Whatever the customer specifies, we are happy to conform to their particular preferences’ ‘It is worth noting that the smaller the hole size used in a trommel the more expensive it becomes with the opposition being true for larger holes’ ‘ Finally trommels with holes under 30 mm in size need an extra 2 weeks allowed for their construction’ Invisible writing: ‘Construction of Terex trommels, Finlay trommels, Powerscreen trommels, Komptech trommels, Terra select trommels and Kiveko trommels are all within Jackson Engineeering’s scope for reproduction’

The constucrtion of a trommel starts after a series of trommel halves have been cut and rolled. These halves are welded together and check for true.

Trommel Halves

Special care has to be taken to ensure the complete circularity of the trommels shape, the use of spragging at this early stage is wise.

Both ends need solid runner rings so the trommel can rotate,
this photo show one under construction

Here the runner ring for the out feed end has been attached

The screw which causes the fraction or compost to pass along its length is being welded into place. It is worth noting that this trommel is chain driven as can be seen adjacent to the front ring

Finally we have a complete trommel

Here areĀ  a couple of examples of a trommel with large 100mm round holes